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5string electric

I remember the moment I picked up the violin for the first time. I was six years old, and someone had handed me a violin that was much too big for me (a half size, better suited for an 8 year old!). I was immediately mesmerized by its ability to play the in-between notes that a piano could not. 

I still try to apply that same wonder that I experienced as a child to my playing today. The violin has been a wonderful gift that has allowed me to travel around the world, playing in the most beautiful settings from NYC's Carnegie Hall to Mexico's Degollado Theatre. 

I've had the awesome luxury of cherry-picking my training through music festivals including Banff, Aspen, Juilliard Quartet Seminar, Great Mountains, Schleswig-Holstein Meisterkurse, and Orford; my formative training comes from the studio of Lorand Fenyves at the University of Toronto, and an eye-opening graduate school experience at Indiana University.

Sharon lee